Residential Solar Systems

Residential Solar Systems For Your Home

With the price of electricity increasing to all time highs there has never been a better time to start generating your own with the addition of Solar Panels for you home. The most common installation of the panels will be on your roof (if suitable) to maximum direct sunlight free from shading. Where this is not possible there is an option to install ground mounted solar.

Shockingly, we could see the rates more than double to over 70p per kWh in the near future for domestic electric.

In addition to this, installing solar PV can improve your EPC rating.

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Solar + Solar & Battery Installation


Installing solar on it's own should cover somewhere in the region of between 50% and 60% of the electricity you use in a year. When it's a bright day your solar system will probably be producing more electricity than you are using, and this excess can be sold to the grid, when it's a dull day it might struggle to provide enough electricity and you will have to purchase from the grid. Without doubt over a 12 month period you are definitely going to see a substantial saving having solar installed at your property.


With the addition of including a battery pack to your solar installation takes the saving up to the next level. If you produce more solar than you are using it will be used to charge up your battery. When the sun goes down you can then use what's in your battery. Instead of selling the excess back to the grid at a ridiculously low price and then having to buy it back at a substantially higher price. Also, as we move towards 100% electric cars, not having batteries and an EV (Electric Vehicle) point is going to make car travel very expensive



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