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Why solar batteries?

Home solar batteries can help you reduce your impact on the planet, cut down on your energy bills and take control of your home’s energy usage.

Putting solar panels on your roof means that you can capture clean, green solar energy for your home, but having a battery attached to your solar energy system means you are in control of it as well.

You can store any extra energy you generate in your solar battery and use it when it’s most valuable to you. You can control when you use your energy with apps that maximize the value of your system. 

What are the benefits of solar battery storage?

The benefits of solar battery storage cannot be understated. It’s a key part of taking control of your home’s energy. With solar battery storage, you can store energy produced during peak daylight hours and use it to help power your home throughout the night. A solar battery system also allows you to control when you draw power from the grid, which is a great way to protect against the rising costs of peak-hour electricity pricing. Solar batteries are a great investment in your home’s energy independence and resilience. Homes can benefit from a battery only installation and change utility providers to an economy 7 type tariff, where you can charge the batteries from the grid off-peak and then use this stored electric during peak times.


We believe that with the rising cost of energy, many tariffs are going to be beneficial to using energy at off-peak times and diversifying the load on the grid. Even more so with the gaining popularity of EVs.

Which solar batteries to buy?

Solax Triple Power Battery

SolaX Power is delighted to announce compatibility with the new Triple Power high-voltage battery solution. Designed and manufactured by SolaX, Triple Power is offering a NEW 5.8kWh model that can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries enabling 23kWh of storage. The new Triple Power encompasses the very latest in LFP technology which ensures much safer installations with wider temperature tolerances. With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

Sunsynk Power Battery

Sunsynk have produced a perfect storage solution. The module consists of lithium ferro phosphate rechargeable batteries with 5.12kWh capacity rated at 51.2V 100Ah with a built-in battery management system. The battery can be expected to remain serviceable for more than 10 years and this takes into consideration that it is charged and discharged once per day at room temperature (25°C). Lithium ferro phosphate batteries provide excellent thermal stability and storage. The module also incorporates a self-monitoring function for the detection of any abnormalities in power storage.

FoxESS ECS 2900/4100

The ECS is a high-performance, scalable battery storage system. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of storage applications.Additional batteries can be installed in series. Installation is easy, with a plug and play solution that can save valuable time for installers.



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